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Ms.Fix, Ellis Lane Painting and Talbot’s Creative Colours - Help Out


 A Current Affair recently highlighted the plight of an elderly Sydney woman, “Laura” who had not only lost her life savings to an unscrupulous and unlicenced painter but also left her home unfinished and in a total mess.

After hearing about Laura’s unfortunate experience, Master Painters members got together to fix up the mess and bring her little house back to its former glory.

Victoria Waring of Ms Fix, Renato De Lucia of Ellis Lane Painting and Danny Talbot of Talbot’s Creative Colours donated over 100 hours of work to complete her home. Wattyl also came to the party and donated all the paint required to finish her home.

Finally having all the work completed, A Current Affair (ACA) ran a story on the outcome, which went to air recently. The clip can be viewed on the ACA website. Laura was overjoyed with the results and thinks her home is now “absolutely beautiful”.

A big thanks from all of us at Master Painters to Ms Fix, Ellis Lane Painting, Talbot’s Creative Colours and Wattyl for coming together on this project to help this worthy cause.