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Marketing yourself as a Professional Master Painter

The concept of marketing begins with you and your business and why a client will choose you over others.

Promoting yourself does not have to cost you the earth, you simply just need to create a point of difference between you and your competitors.
The first thing you need to understand is your customer base. What are their wants and needs and make sure you address them.

Here are some tips;
  • Every call you receive is a potential customer, they have taken the time to contact you so make sure you validate that decision by getting back to them, even if you can’t do their job immediately, they will appreciate it and may be willing to wait until you have time.
  • When you arrive to do a quote, make sure you arrive on time, are well groomed and polite.
  • Listen carefully to what your client needs are.
  • After listening you may want to provide some advice, remembering that some consumers do not fully understand the details of painting and decorating. As a Master Painter, you are the expert and can advise them.
  • Be clear about what is included and what is not.
Elevator Pitch
Imagine you are in an elevator and you have 60 seconds to sell yourself to a client, what will be the points that will create a ‘point of difference’ between you and your competitors?

Here are some tips
  • I am a fully licenced painter and decorator (include a copy of your licence in the quote)
  • I am a member of the Master Painter Association (include your member certificate in the quote)
  • I can provide you with all my insurance details. (include your certificates of currency in the quote)
  • I have been a finalist or an award winner in the Master Painters Awards for Excellence. (Include your certificates and awards in the quote)
  • Provide your client with a detailed quote.
Just be yourself, you don’t need to over promise.

Once you have given them your quote
  • Make sure you follow-up and ask them if there is anything that needs explaining.
  • Let them know that they can contact the Master Painters Association for verification of your membership and any issues with regards to quality.
  • If they did not accept your quote, ask them if they would mind letting you know the reasons why.
  • Assure them that if they have any issues in the future that you will be happy to assist them.
When the job is completed
  • Make sure you leave their home clean and tidy, you may even want to engage a professional cleaner.
  • You might want your client to sign off on the job.
  • Some painters provide their clients with flowers, chocolates and discount vouchers to encourage referrals.
If you want to learn more about marketing yourself and elevating yourself to the next level, contact the Master Painters Association for a one on one consultation. Call (02) 97588877 or email