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Technical Consultants

Independent Consultants to the Painting Industry

Sometimes customers expectations are not always met by the painting contractor. If this is the case, Master Painters can provide the contact details of independent technical consultants who may be able to assist you in resolving a dispute with your painting contractor.

The Association does not offer opinions on quality of workmanship over the phone. When a consumer requires advice from an independent source, we refer their request to one of the Association’s independent consultants, who are recognised by NSW Fair Trading as an expert witness in such matters. The consultant’s report is prepared independently of the Association.

Remember that;

  • A key step to solving most problems is good communication.
  • Contact the painter sooner rather than later.
  • Explain your concerns. 
  • Stay calm and be polite. 
  • Take notes. 
  • Ask them to meet you on site if you think that would help.
  • Lawyers and even the best meaning friends are not always the best way to sort out an issue.

This service is available to anyone, including painting contractors, who are in dispute with a client and seek an independent report.

The following companies are members of this Association and can provide technical reports to members and the public at competitive rates.

Roitech 0419 044 535

Painting & Decorating in accordance with Australian Standards, Safe Lead Practice & Safe Bonded Asbestos Practice

Paint Solutions & Associates 02 9453 3672



Paint Consult Australia 02 9484 7622  •  0417 239 435

E: info@paintconsultant.com.au 

Reports and Inspections, Strata Services & Contractors