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NSW Fair Trading Minister raises scam awareness

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matthew Mason-Cox and Member of Maitland Robyn Parker visited Newcastle and Maitland to meet with local residents to promote scam awareness....
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Imminent changes to Residential Building Legislation with benefit Builders, Owners and Strata Schemes

Amendments to the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) now passing through Parliament clarifies some issues and will benefit Builders, Owners, and Strata Schemes....
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Amendments to the NSW Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999

Effective 21 April 2014, far reaching changes to the NSW Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 ("the Act") came into force which have a direct effect on Builders, Tradesmen and their Clients....
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NSW Government puts Unlicenced Builders and Tradies on Notice

NSW Fair Trading Minister, Matthew Mason-Cox, warned all home builders and tradespeople to ensure they have a valid licence, following the prosecution of unlicensed builder Xin Li at the Parramatta Local Court....
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Progress on Modernising Home Building Laws and Cutting Red Tape

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matthew Mason-Cox has released a draft supporting regulations for new laws to protect people from the risks associated with building or renovating their home....
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Removing Borders for Tradies

New laws making it easier for certain licensed tradespeople to operate across State and territory borders have been passed by NSW parliament....
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MPA Federal - Mark Amos

Master Painters Australia(MPA) was formed over 100 years ago by a group of likeminded tradesmen that identified the need to have an organization that would be able to support them by providing business information, support in training and the capacity to negotiate with state and federal governments. Master Painters Australia has functioned as an independent association representing companies, individuals and consumers. ...
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Seven Step Guide

The guide provides information on Industrial Relations laws, particularly the National Employment Standards, discrimination, wages and record keeping. The Guide also contains useful tips on hiring the right people for a small business and a one page hiring check list....
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Once again, Inspirations Paint at Gladesville and Burwood Heights have excelled themselves in creating awareness and collecting a massive sum of $20,000 in donations for the inaugural launch of “Pinkspirations”. Thanks to the many painters and DIY customers for jumping on board and supporting this
worthy cause....
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PaintCare Trade Trial

The Australian Paint Manufacturers' Federation Inc. will run a trial of up to six months in Victoria to collect, treat and dispose of waste paint from trade sources. A first in Australia, the trade trial aims to collect valuable data to aid ......
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