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Entry fee $155 per project when entering online.
Maximum 8 projects to be entered per contractor.
Entries close 30th, June.


Awards Categories

In categories whereby major preparation works are undertaken, it is important that the entrant provide a detailed outline of the work undertaken prior to painting. Before and after photos should be attached.

Project Awards

Residential (Single Dwelling) New Work
Commercial New Work
Multi-unit (Residential) New Work

Residential (Single Dwelling) Repaint
Multi-unit (Residential) Repaint
Commercial Repaint

Heritage and Restoration (Residential)
Heritage and Restoration (Commercial)

Decorative Finishes (Residential)
Decorative Finishes (Commercial)

Best Community Service/Good Will Project
Timber Finishes
Industrial Finishes
Texture Coating Finishes
Difficult Access
Colour Design Award - Residential
Colour Design Award - Commercial

Customer Service
Environmental Management

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